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Recent Projects


Multilingual access to interactive communication services for the Mediterranean and the Middle East


9 in-vehicle and mobile telephone network databases, 600 recording sessions each


SpeechDat Across Latin America


SpeechDat in Eastern Europe

Past Projects Related Projects


25 fixed and mobile telephone network databases, 500-5000 speakers each; 3 speaker verification databases


8 fixed telephone network databases, 1000 speakers each; 1 mobile telephone network database, 300 speakers

Note: these pages were formerly maintained by ICP, Grenoble and have now been imported into the main SpeechDat Server


Speech driven interfaces for consumer devices


Collecting Language Resources in Asia
Mobile and fixed network telephone, car-kit and microphone array recordings in Korea, India including English, China including Taiwan, Malaysian, Philippines, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.

Welcome to the SpeechDat projects home page! SpeechDat is a series of speech data collection projects funded by the European Union. The aim of the SpeechDat data collections is to establish speech databases for the development of voice operated teleservices and speech interfaces.

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