Mini Instant Loans: For What and Who Requests?

There are many reasons that can lead you to request mini loans instantly, but in today’s article we will mention which are the most common. In addition, we will see what most people have in common who request one of the mini loans instantly without payroll that we put at your disposal on our website.

To begin with, we must mention that these mini-credits have become such an effective financing method that they have managed to unseat the traditional bank. Every day there are more people who use these financing services due to its great advantages. Some of these advantages are the speed of the application process, the immediate response that you get from almost all the lenders, with receipt of the money in less than 24 hours. If you add to this the possibility of requesting a quick online mini-credit without leaving the comfort of home and without having to wait a minute, you will see that it becomes a great option for all those who need immediate and timely liquidity.

Quickness of the mini loans instantly without payroll

Quickness of the mini loans instantly without payroll

The fact of being able to immediately access an amount of money makes things much easier when it comes to solving an unexpected financial situation. It is true that in this life money is not everything, but most of the situations that occur can improve if you have it.

For this main reason, most lender companies have automated systems for both application and analysis of the same, as well as response and income. In this way, since you make the request of the desired amount until the money is finally entered into your account can only spend 15 minutes.

That means that any person who has an urgent unexpected and requires some liquidity to solve it will be able to benefit from the services of the minipréstamos companies.

Frequent uses of mini loans instantly

Frequent uses of mini loans instantly

As we have mentioned, more and more people are opting for this urgent financing service. But why does the money requested by the lender companies use the vast majority?

The reality is that these mini-loans can be used for any purpose, since they are not required for specific use. You can use them both for a romantic getaway and for getting your driving license. But the most common purposes that we Spaniards give to money from mini-credits at the moment are the ones we describe next.

Payment of fines

One of the main purposes that is given to the money of the loans is to pay fines. It is true that these usually have a long payment period, but if you do it early, the amount is reduced by 50%. For this reason, many citizens who resort to the resource of mini loans instantly without payroll.


Breakdowns are usually capricious and have the bad habit of not warning. Therefore, they have become a powerful reason to request immediate liquidity. If a washing machine or a refrigerator breaks down, you have to find a way to solve the situation as soon as possible. You can not wait to charge the next month, you need to repair or replace the appliance immediately, as it is a staple in anyone’s routine.


Without a doubt, it is one of the emergencies that can least be postponed. Both a filling and the extraction of a wisdom tooth are interventions that, for health reasons, should be treated quickly. For this reason, the dentist is among one of the main destinations of the mini-loans.

Unforeseen invoices

Using air conditioning or heating more than usual or talking more on the phone than usual can cause the monthly receipts to be significantly inflated. If, in addition, as often happens, that takes you in a financially complicated month, you can see the account in red or even with more than one receipt returned.

As a general rule, both options incur expenses and headaches. The simplest way to deal with these unforeseen events is to have a saved remnant. But probably what happens to many Spaniards: you do not have those savings and you need to request a quick money that allows you to survive economically one more month.


Although technology, in general, is an expense that can often be delayed, sometimes offers that it is not easy to miss. It can also happen that you run out of your work tool (PC or mobile) and need to acquire a new one with great urgency. Therefore, technology purchases are one of the most common purposes of the money requested from lending companies.

School supplies

Especially during the month of September, the expenses of families that have children of school age skyrocket. And, with the return to school, children almost absolutely need everything. Clothing, probably, will no longer serve you, school materials are no longer in condition and, to top it off, you have to buy all the books. And to finish filling the glass, this happens right after returning from vacation when, as a rule, it has spent a little more than it should. Hence, this concept enters this list, because, even if it is only one month a year, many Spanish families pull these minipréstamos instantly to deal with the situation.


Christmas, Kings, birthdays, anniversaries… are times when you can not skimp too much on expenses. You usually eat out, make family trips, buy gifts… and all of this entails an extra financial effort that many families can not bear. Therefore, there are quite a few that use immediate financial services to cope with these dates.

Mini loans instantly: who asks for them?

Mini loans instantly: who asks for them?

We can anticipate that they are generally very similar to you. The vast majority of people who apply for quick loans are usually workers with salaries around 1,000 euros.

In fact, a study made it possible to know that the average profile of the minicredit applicant is instantly that of a man who works as an employee and whose salary is around 1300 euros per month.

Civil status

One aspect that is often investigated a lot is the civil status of those people who apply for urgent loans. After analyzing the numbers obtained in some studies, it was established that 46% of the applicants are single people, 34% are married, 15% are divorced and 5% are widowed.

Job occupation

It is commonly thought that people who come to this type of funding tend to have few resources or lack of employment. This was denied recently, when it was shown that 83% of the applicants are salaried people, of which 78% earn more than 1000 euros per month; 17% request mini loans instantly without payroll, of which 10% are retired, 4% are unemployed and 3% are self-employed.


Within Spanish territory we find areas in which requesting money from a financial institution is more welcome than in others. This is the case of Catalonia, which with 23% is the community with the highest volume of applications, followed closely by Madrid and Andalusia.

On the other hand, we find Navarra, the Spanish territory in which fewer requests are made, not reaching 1%. It should be noted that Navarra is the community with the highest average salary in Spain according to a study carried out by EADA and ICSA, so it is logical that it is where less requests for mini-loans are generated instantly.


Although most financial institutions offer their clients the possibility of requesting up to 800 euros, the average amount requested is much lower. As a general rule, the magic amount with which almost any Spanish person solves their unexpected situations is 220 euros.

Tips for requesting mini loans instantly

Tips for requesting mini loans instantly

As we just mentioned, most people request a reduced amount compared to the maximum that is allowed. Do you know the reason? Mainly, as a rule, the money must be returned in a single installment the following month.

You must take this aspect into account, because if you request a very high amount you will not be able to return it within the agreed period, which will cause you to incur unnecessary additional costs that will only make your financial situation worse.

Therefore, from Astro Finance we always recommend a responsible use of the immediate financing services. Request only the amount that solves the unexpected situation that you have before you and remember that you must pay interest for the money obtained.

For all that we have mentioned, remember to request a quantity adjusted to your needs, within a period that you can allow yourself to fulfill and for a purpose that is consistent with your economy.

Following all these tips when applying for mini loans instantly will save you a lot of headaches, in addition to the extra costs involved, and even end up enrolled in a register of defaulters.

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