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Get a payday loan online today

We have made it as easy as possible for you to apply for a payday loan. Therefore, you can apply for this loan online by going to Green Start.

How to apply.

  1. Fill in the application form

At you will find the application form, where you can choose your desired loan amount and maturity. Then you will be asked to enter your personal information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, birthday, residence, bank and employment conditions.

  1. Log in with nem id

Once you have filled in your personal information in the application, you will be asked to log in with NemID. This gives them all the information they need in addition to what you have already completed so that they can make an individual credit rating for you and your financial situation. Based on your application and the individual credit rating, Larsen Finans will prepare a loan agreement for you, which you can choose to approve or reject, depending on whether you are satisfied with what they offer you.

  1. Wait for a quick answer and sign with NemID

Finally, there is nothing else to do but wait for answers from Larsen Finans. If you have applied for their opening hours, you can expect an answer within one hour. Once you have received the loan agreement and are you satisfied with this, you can choose to either sign it electronically with NemID and quickly get started on the payment of the loan, or to receive a physical contract to be signed and returned.

Who can borrow money from Larsen Finance?

borrow money

As a starting point, Larsen Finans does not have great requirements for you as a borrower. It is therefore quite easy to apply and record a quick loan with NemID. However, you must be aware that you must not be registered in a debtor register such as RKI if you wish to apply for a free loan here. They do not offer loans despite RKI. If you are therefore registered as a bad payer in eg RKI, you have to find other alternatives if you are interested in borrowing money immediately.

In addition, you must agree that an individual credit rating will be made of you, which means that you must meet a credit rating criteria if you are to be able to borrow money from Larsen Finance.

Larsen Finans offers loans without collateral. With them, it is possible to borrow without hidden fees. And you are easily the amount to be repaid. When you apply for the loan at low-interest rates, you can get money in your account within a day or 2, the application is non-committal and you first accept the loan when you sign the loan agreement. Signed with nem id. So it’s quick and easy to find the best loan here.

The large loan amount and long maturity

Larsen Finance offers you the freedom to do whatever you want. You have the opportunity to borrow up to DKK 150,000 with a maturity of between 12 and 120 months. You can easily choose a loan that fits your dreams and needs. At the same time, there is no requirement for security so you can use the loan for exactly what you want.

As a customer of Larsen Finans, it is easy to find a loan that covers both large and small needs or dreams. You can borrow between DKK 10,000 and DKK 150,000. So, whether you need extra money for the dream trip or for renovating a house, the dream can easily come true with a loan. At the same time, they offer long maturities on all loans. You can choose a maturity of between 12 and 120 months, depending on what you and your finances can handle. And should you suddenly get the opportunity to pay off the loan before time, then it never costs extra.

When you use Larsen Finance’s loan form, you have the option of choosing the exact amount and maturity that you want for your loan. When you do this, you will also see what your monthly service is about. will be on for the chosen loan. In this way, you can better get an overview of how much money you have to expect to set aside each month, depending on the loan amount and maturity you choose.

Your interest rate is determined by credit rating

Your interest rate is determined by credit rating

When you consider borrowing from Larsen Finance, it may be nice to know what your interest rate will be. In the loan form, you can see intervals for what their interest rate is on. Here, the interest rate is between 9.90% and 26.08%.

Unfortunately, you can only get your individual interest rate to know when you have applied for small loans. This is because your interest rate is determined on the basis of a credit rating by Larsen Finans. All credit ratings are individual, and therefore an interest rate and a loan amount that you find responsible in your particular case will be determined. Therefore, your exact annual and effective interest rate will appear from the loan agreement that they prepare and send to you based on your loan application. So, even if you cannot know what your interest rate will be before you submit the application, you can reassure yourself that you can see it in the loan agreement before choosing either to approve or reject it.

Fast loan at Larsen Finans

Fast loan at Larsen Finans

At Larsen Finans, they always offer fast service. Since they offer online private loans, the entire application and loan process takes place online, which means that you can borrow money very quickly. It takes only a few minutes to complete the loan application, and if you apply during their opening hours, you can expect to receive an answer within an hour. They are open every day of the week between 10 am and 6 pm. 8 and 22, so you have good opportunities to apply during opening hours.

Should you end up applying outside the opening hours, you can expect an answer no later than the day after. You do not have to wait long for an answer, regardless of whether you apply in or outside their opening hours.

In addition to expecting a quick response to your application, you can also expect that the borrowed money will quickly be in your account. Typically, they pay out the loan the same day it has been approved or no later than the day after.

Sign the loan agreement electronically with NemID

Today, the vast majority of all online loan agreements are signed with Nem ID. Larsen Finance is no exception. When you have applied for a cheap loan and received an answer to your application, you have the opportunity to sign the loan agreement electronically with NemID. This helps to make the whole process easy, fast and, not least, very safe. NemID guarantees that no one can try to get a loan approved with Nemid in your name. If you choose to use NemID to sign the loan agreement, you can expect to get the loan paid to your account the same day that the loan has been approved or the very next day.

If, despite the many benefits of NemID, you still prefer to avoid using NemID. Here you also have the opportunity to sign a physical loan agreement. In such a case you will receive a physical contract by mail. You must sign this and then send it back. The borrowed money will first be paid to you as soon as Larsen Finans has received the signed loan agreement with the post. This alternative, therefore, takes a lot longer than if you choose to use NemID to sign the agreement electronically, but both options are there.

3 good advice on finances

At Larsen Finans, it is important that all borrowers have a realistic and responsible attitude to borrowing money. Therefore, they have chosen to give 3 good advice for finances on their website, which you can advantageously consider before you decide to apply for a loan.

Firstly, they recommend that you start budgeting. By setting a budget you can easily get an overview of your daily finances, and thereby see how much money you actually spend on, among other things, mobile phone, rent, insurance, transport, food purchases, etc. The budget must both include your fixed expenses and income so that You can see how much money you have available each month.

In this context, they recommend that you just use the budget to look at your available amount. By putting both spending and revenue into the budget, you have made it easy and straightforward to see how much money you have available each month. That way, you can also more easily see if you have room in your finances for a loan, and if so, how big a loan your finances can handle.

Need help setting a budget?

To make it easier for you to get started with a budget, you can find a budget form on Larsen Finance’s website. Instead of having to make a budget schedule from scratch, with this budget form, you have the option of entering your own revenue and expenses, then the form automatically calculates your available amount. The budget form can be downloaded as an Excel file so that it is 100% private and only something you have access to. You can, therefore, calmly take advantage of their budget form to get started on setting a budget for your finances.

Is it risky to record a quick loan

Is it risky to record a quick loan

Of course, whether you borrow a quick loan or another loan provider, there are always a number of risks associated with borrowing money. That being said, you can basically be absolutely sure of borrowing from Larsen Finans. For them, it is important to offer cash loans under responsible conditions, where you can have a stable economy – even after paying out your loan.

For the same reason, the individual credit ratings of all loan applicants perform where they attempt to account for your particular financial situation relative to the loan they want to offer you. As long as you yourself are realistic, responsible and sensible to borrow money, then you automatically contribute to making it less risky for you to take out a loan yourself.

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